Vintages - Château CARDUS

Château Cardus 2009

Château Cardus vintage 2009 has a very attractive garnet-coloured robe with hints of purple.
The nose opens with movement, producing a wide range of aromas of red berries, followed by leather and fur. The attack presents full bodied tannins and springtime aromas.
A well balanced, rounded wine.

Château Cardus 2008

The colour of the Château Cardus 2008 vintage is a fine, purplish dark-red.
The nose reveals a variety of floral fragrances, with hints of redcurrant and wild raspberry.
Well-rounded and slightly lively at first, with a dominant taste of fresh fruit, it matures into a more silky
flavour with spicy hints.

Château Cardus 2007

Fresh, pretty fruity and elegant, we would think it to be a cocktail of red fruits.
Just enough tanins to provide a perfect balance.

Château Cardus 2006

Brilliant light crimson colour.
Fresh fruit on the nose tinged with spice and eucalyptus notes.
The front of palate is supple, with a warming mid-palate over gentle tannins. Fine back of palate with a subtle hint of hot chilli pepper.

Château Cardus 2005

Beautiful carmine red hue, ruby at rim.
The bouquet opens up on swirling to reveal red berried fruits (redcurrant, raspberry, cassis), mixed with sweet spice and some mineral notes.
The front of palate is ample and evolves to a meaty mid-palate with lush, mature tannins.
The wine is balanced, flavoursome and silky with a lingering, aromatic aftertaste.

Château Cardus 2004

Beautiful carmine red hue, ruby at rim.
The nose is open at first sniff, revealing wonderfully ripe fruit – cassis, blackberry, bilberry – with a touch of damp earth and fresh mint.
Following a frank front of palate, the aromas gently unfold and linger on deliciously to the finish.

Château Cardus 2003

Beautiful ruby-shot garnet hue.
Emerging on swirling, the bouquet is a mixture of small black fruits – bilberry, wild blackberry – combined with subtle earthy aromas.
Fine front of palate, gentle and firm at the same time. Mature tannins, superb aromas and a lingering, delicate finish.

Château Cardus 2002

Beautiful garnet hue.
Fruity nose combined with liquorice notes, slightly floral.
The supple front of palate opens with red fruit, becoming sweet and lush with fine tannins, resulting in a wine that’s easy on the palate. A fresh finish rounds out this light, pleasurable wine.